Instant Tankless Water Heaters in India by Vordosch

VORDOSCH headquartered in Köln, Germany is a leading brand of electric instantaneous water heaters. From the very beginning of our presence, we have set the goal to preserve the higher quality and attain our customer’s satisfaction.Since inception, our company has advanced Technological abilities, due to which we meet the toughest quality requirements. Our products have been certified by Europe’s most prestigious certification institute. It has enabled us to expand to foreign markets. Our prior aim is to offer modern and energy-saving heating appliances which will ensure convenient and never-failing operation. We are proud to inform that VORDOSCH appliances are being sold in Europe, Asia & North America.

Instant Tankless Water Heaters in India

Modern technology used by Vordosch:

The latest technology is employed as early as at the design stage. We deploy extremely precise controlled automatic machines, components produced by renowned companies and strict procedures of supervision. A modern stock of machines and a well-equipped tool-room allowed for automatization of most manufacturing processes.

Instant Tankless Water Heater Aids in Fast Paced Lives

In today’s fast-paced life, nobody likes to waste time waiting for their storage water geyser to heat water, especially in metropolitan cities where every minute counts. Imagine being late for work because your old geyser is taking too long to provide you with hot water for your morning shower. Don’t let this happen to you and ruin your day!

The solution to your problem is simple – upgrade to a tankless water heater and enjoy instant and continuous flow of hot water in every corner of your home. This is precisely why many homeowners in metropolitan cities are making the switch to tankless water heaters.

Features of Vordosch Instant Tankless water heaters :

  • Instant & continuous flow of hot water even at high pressure
  • Option of back & bottom inlet/outlet offered only by VORDOSCH
  • Ideal for: Bathtubs, Shower Panels, Rain Showers, Body Jets
  • Element 2
  • Saves up to 40% energy
  • Shock Proof
  • Microprocessor decides minimum or maximum operating kw depending on inlet temperature. Thus, resulting in substantial power saving modulation of water temperature from 30″C to 60’C
  • Element 2
  • Works even with Low water pressure (Minimum working pressure .5 bar)
  • Steek and modern design
  • Seismic proof construction
  • Precise Temperature settings using DiaI Knob (Allows to set the heater on full power or economic mode)
  • Impact resistant in case of voltage fluctuation
  • Compact Size
  • Anti-Air & Dry Run Protection
  • Suitable for hard water
  • Electronically Controlled (System ensures stability and
  • Desired Temperature Precisely Delivered
  • Water flow sensor
  • Water Resistant Design
  • High resistant heating element
  • Steek and modern design
  • 24 months warranty

Why Choose Vordosch?

VORDOSCH Electric instantaneous tankless water heaters provide a simple and inexpensive way to install hot water solution. It offers an energy efficient way to heat water instantly – they heat water only when you turn on the hot water tap, ensuring that no heat is lost, and no electricity wasted. Their smart compact size allows you to easily install them in your bathroom or Kitchen. You are not limited to the hot water stored like in case of a boiler.

VORDOSCH tankless water heaters can produce an endless amount of hot water on demand. VORDOSCH offers wide range of electric instantaneous tank-less water heaters to provide our customers the optimum choice for ensuring them the best comfort and efficient use of electricity.


Vordosch Electric Instant Tankless Water Heater has a very special kind of heating element which helps reducing consumption of electricity to a great extent.


One of the key issues is to make an optimum choice out of many kinds of heaters to meet our own needs. Wide range of VORDOSCH products enables the user to choose the most appropriate heater; which with guarantee a full satisfaction of possessing it. Unquestionable advantage of VORDOSCH instantaneous water heaters is also the constant access to hot water, unlike hot water heaters which have limited capacity and it takes time to heat another portion of water.

Eectronic Control greater comfort and more savings.

Incorporation of an electronic power contortion VORDOSCH water heaters allows for smooth adjustment and precise setting of temperature. A microprocessor selects optimum power according to the temperature set and water flow rate, thanks to which running costs are reduced to a minimum.

Health and Safety

VORDOSCH water heaters heat up always fresh flowing water which eliminates the risk of growth of microbes. There is no such a problem as in case of hot water boilers – the risk of Legionella microbes which are responsible for several skin & lung diseases. VORDOSCH Electric water heaters do not emit fumes and cause any risk of explosions they are clean and safe.

Vordosch instant tankless water heaters are available in 2 phases:

  • 1 Phase water heaters:

Our range of single phase instantaneous hot water heaters is specifically designed for one phase electrical supply. The small dimensions allow flexible installation even in the constricted spaces & it heats the water very quickly at output of water source. It works equally well even for hard water.


  • BAU
  • VD 5.5-9
  • VD 7.5
  • VD 12
  • 3 Phase water heaters:

For Higher usage of water, the variants of 3 phase units are very energy-efficient, compact & extremely easy to install which insures instant continuous & unlimited flow of hot water.


  • VD 9-15
  • VD 18-24
  • VD 27
  • VD 36

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