Who We Are

VORDOSCH headquartered in KOLN, GERMANY is a leading brand of electric instantaneous water heaters. From the very beginning of our presence we have set the goal to preserve the highest quality and attain our customer’s satisfaction. Since inception our company has advanced in technological abilities, due to which we meet the toughest quality requirements. Our products have been certified with the most prestigious certification institute. It has enabled us to expand in foreign markets. Our prior aim is to offer modern and energy-saving heating appliances which will ensure convenient and never-failing operation.


Our Products

Instant Tankless Water Heater

  • Instant flow of hot water
  • Continuous temperature of hot water
  • Unlimited flow of hot water
  • Kristall Klar Strainers

  • KRISTALL KLAR self – cleaning strainers for crystal clear water


    VORDOSCH Electric instantaneous tankless water heaters provide a simple and inexpensive way to install hot water solution. lt offers an energy efficient way to heat water instantly – they heat water only when you turn on the hot water tap, ensuring that no heat is lost, and no electricity wasted. Their small, compact size allows you to easily install them in your bathroom/ Kitchen.

    You are not limited to the hot water stored like in case of a boiler. VORDOSCH water heaters can produce an endless amount of hot water on demand. VORDOSCH offers wide range of electric instantaneous tank-less water heaters to provide our customers the optimaI choice for ensuring them the best comfort and efficient use of electricity.

    Instant & continuous flow of hot water

    Unlimited hot water supply even at high or Low water pressure.


    Advanced heating technology which helps reducing consumption of electricity to up to 40%.


    Choose from among the wide range of products depending on the water usage


    24 months warranty on all VORDOSCH products

    Electronic Control

    Electronic power control allows for smooth adjustment and precise setting of temperature.

    Health and Safety

    Tankless water heater heats up fresh flowing water, which eliminates the risk of growth of microbes.

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