Best Water Heater for Bathroom

It is imperative that we choose the best water heater for bathroom based on some important factors like our requirements (type, size, efficiency) temperature of the city, space availability, usage etc.

Vordosch, the best water heater for bathroom, are equipped with path breaking technologies it has adopted the most advanced technology on water heaters, it saves up to 40% on using costs. The technology measures the amount of energy needed to be input, based on quantity of water required, eliminating the need for a storage tank and standby losses associated with constantly maintaining a tank full of hot water. The best water heater for bathroom works to control the energy output for optimal water heating and also ensures the least amount of energy is used.

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Our Range of Products:

VORDOSCH best water heaters for bathrooms are available in 2 variations : Phase I & Phase III:

1 Phase Water Heater

Our range of single phase instant hot water heaters are designed for one phase electrical supply. The small dimensions allow flexible installation even in the compressed space & It heats the water very quickly at output of water source. It works equally well even for hard water.

Available in 4 Variants:


VD 5.5-9

VD 7.5

VD 12

3 Phase Water Heater

Where there is more usage of water, the 3 phase units are very efficient, compact & exceptionally hassle free to install which ensures instant continuous flow of hot water.

Available in 4 Variants:

VD 9-15

VD 18-24

VD 27

VD 36

Features of Vordosch

The electronically controlled system of vordosch’s best water heaters for bathroom, has the stability and modulation of water temperature which can be adjusted from 30º to 60º C, It is appropriate for hard water also.

Our best water heaters for bathroom also possesses alternative of back & bottom inlet/outlet which is offered only by VORDOSCH. As per the usage types of water heaters can be used for showers, body jets, bath tubs etc.

Vordorsch’s best water heater for bathrooms comes with a 24 months assurance, our designs are water & heat resistant and seismic proof too.
Best water heater for bathroom possesses the impact resistance feature that helps in case of voltage fluctuation.

Dealers & Distributors

Vordosch, best water heaters for bathroom furnishes easy and economical ways to install hot water solution. Our clientele includes builders, architects, contractors etc through our network of dealers & distributors.

Our team of skilled technicians can guide you to select the right product from our wide ranging products that suits your requirement and usage.
We are proud to say that we have thousands of satisfied customers & Vordosch, best water heaters for bathroom has products available with all the major dealers in India.

Please fill the enquiry form to know about dealers & other enquiries and our team will get back to you at the earliest.

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