Best Instant Geyser in India

Best Instant Geyser in India

Vordosch – Best Instant geyser in India brings the comfort of hot water and the convenience of saving energy by the use of innovative technology, the best instant geyser in India also known as demand-type geyser are well structured, efficient and systematic in terms of hygiene and water heating.

The Water heater is one of the essential appliances that a house must have especially in colder zones where the temperature drops drastically, while selecting the best fit type of geyser, we need to consider a lot of factors like energy efficiency, usage of water, after sale service, health and safety.

At Vordosch our intention is to safeguard the quality and accomplish our client’s satisfaction. Hence, our best instant geyser in India are capable of heating water instantly, they are made available for immediate use.

Best Instant Geyser in India

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These instant geyser in India work on the principle of heat exchange, they do not have a storage tank, the heat exchanger has coils and other heating elements through which water passes, with the these we don’t have to wait for the storage tank to have enough water to heat, it is instantaneous. The best instant geyser in India are quite compact and do not take a lot of space.

Our best instant geyser in India also comes with a various capacity of liters of water which can be used for small families or larger usage accordingly, if you want constant on-demand hot water supply, they are the best fit for activities like hand wash, cleaning utensils, bucket and shower, bathing.

Instantaneous water supply – At Vordosh, our best instant geyser in India possess the modern technology with automatic machines which instantly heats water supply whenever turned on.
Compact and safe – Very compact in size, can be fitted in the tightest or cramped up spaces. The body of instant geyser is made shock resistant keeping our customer’s safety in mind.
Easy to assemble – At Vordosch, the best instant geyser in India are assembled using modern technology and high-quality heating element that heats water instantly and are easily installed without any inconvenience.
Avoids over heating – The best instant geyser in India, consists of thermostat which cut off the electricity supply when it senses the needed temperature is attained.
Environmental friendly – Vordosch’s best Instant geyser in India don’t emit greenhouse gasses and are also designed in such a way that they cause no pollution, hence they are environmentally friendly.
Lifespan – Since the water tanks are small in size, the lifespan of the instant geyser is considered a little higher as compared to the storage type. They come with extended life warranty of 6 to 15 years.
Heat Loss – The heat loss is negligible, as the water is utilized as soon as it is heated.
No waiting for water to heat, Instant hot water supply.
Highly energy efficient.
Long and productive service life, because of lower operation and energy cost.
No scope of bacteria formation in the instant geyser as there is no storage tank available.

Features of VORDOSCH Best Instant Geyser in India

Since the instant geyser have low capacity, they consume less electricity, as it provides hot water instantly they are best suitable for cooking area, shower room or restrooms etc.
Our range of instant geysers are appropriate for hard water. Vordosch water distributors have 24-month warranty with the option of installing vertically, horizontally & ceiling mounted.
They are very sleek and compact in design, which are easy to install in the smallest of space.
Our range of product in instant geyser is constructed seismic proof, which is impact resistant in case there is voltage fluctuation.

The high pressure sensing capability makes it suitable for high-rise buildings and high-pressure pump applications.
As the powerful heating element of our best instant geyser in India is high, it ensures you hot water in no time.
No backflow of water.
The thermoplastic body of the best instant geyser in India prevents water heater from corrosion and thus further extends the lifespan of the geyser.
The anti-syphoning system prevents backflow of water from the container, thus avoiding dry heating.

Our Range of Products:

Vordosch best instant geyser in India is available in 2 variations: Phase I and Phase III:

1 Phase Water Heater

Our range of single-phase instant hot water geyser are specially designed for one phase of electricity supply. The small size allows flexible installation in a narrow space. It instantly heats water through the output source of water.

Available in 4 Variants:


VD 5.5-9

VD 7.5

VD 12

3 Phase Water Heater

Our range of 3 phase instant hot water geyser is very energy-efficient, compact and extremely easy to install which insures instant & continuous flow of hot water.

Available in 4 Variants:

VD 9-15

VD 18-24

VD 27

VD 36

Dealers & Distributors

Vordosch, best instant geyser in India gives simple and budget- friendly ways to install instant water solution. We have a huge clientele which includes builders, architects, contractors etc through our network of dealers & distributors.

Our team of trained skilled workers can guide you to pick from our wide range of products as per your usage & requirements. Installation is also very effortless.

We are proud to say that we have thousands of satisfied customers all over India.

Please fill the enquiry form to know about dealers & other enquiries and our team will get back to you at the earliest.

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