Kristall Klar Strainers

Kristall Klar Self Cleaning Strainer

Vordosch, a leading German based company in India introduces ‘The Krystall Klar- Self Cleaning strainer.

Water we use contains great amount of dirt and particles which severly affect the installed accessories and appliances in our Bathrooms, thereby compromising their correct functioning.

The KRISTALL KLAR strainer helps to filter out the dirt through its stainless-steel mesh, resulting in clear water supply to the pipelines. It is easy to install and suitable for residential as well as industrial use.

Self Cleaning strainer

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A self cleaning strainer is a type of filter which uses system pressure to clean itself.

It removes unwanted particles from a water source in many applications, be it residential or industrial use.

Self cleaning strainer are used to shield pipes and a wide range of household equipment. Equipment and appliances like bath fittings, shower heads, pumps, pipelines, washing machine, dishwasher etc get clogged and damaged due to the dirt particles in the water.

Without adequate filtration, pipes acquire build-up & corrosion causing an increase in the energy required to pump water.

Self cleaning strainer save users a lot of money on water, maintenance and equipment replacement.

Unlike other systems, they don’t require a continuous & routine maintenance.

As pipe openings become smaller due to mineral or dirt accumulation or pipe is corroded, which in turn affects the clean & clear water flow. Effects of pumping dirty water through a piping system causes clogging & damages to euipments & appliances. Installing Kristall Klar self cleaning strainer prevents these consequences and saves lots of money & energy.

High performance products from Vordosch, the best self cleaning strainers offers Industrial uses as well which can be used to optimize their production processes.

Our self cleaning strainer are more fruitful as compared to other conventional filters because of low maintenance. As a result production downtime & cost is reduced. These filters are handy because they essentially clean themselves, causing less maintenance requirements and hassle-free operation

The self cleaning strainer is very simple to install & dis-assemble and can be cleaned easily without the need for tools.

Made with superior quality brass & polycarbonate, can handle pressure of 12 bars. The stainless steel mesh is of 40 microns made of SS304.

The sizes ½”, ¾” & 1” are of height 212mm, width 92 mm, projection 60mm whereas size 1 ¼” has a height of 228mm, Width 96mm & projection 66mm.

By continually removing solids from the liquids in water pipelines, the Krystall Klar self cleaning strainer from Vorodosch can improve efficiency while also reducing operating costs.


  • Easy to install
  • Uninterrupted Flow of water
  • Simple Design
  • Patented Cleaning Mechanism
  • Low Maintenance
  • Prevents clogging of equipment & appliances to dirt accumulation

We’ll ensure you get the best self cleaning strainer for your residential or industrial use.Fill out our enqiry form and we’ll respond at the earliest to help you find the best filter for your requirement.











lnstall KRISTALL KLAR to the pipelines.

The dirt particles from the water are filtered out through the stainless-steel mesh inside the transparent container, delivering clean water supply to the pipelines.

Simply turn the black knob underneath the transparent container to flush out dirt.

ln case of excessive dirt accumulation, use the spanner provided to open the transparent container and manually clean the stainless-steel mesh.

KRISTALL KLAR comes with a 2 year warranty.


Rated Pressure: 12 bars

Body:  Brass and Polycarbonate

Stainless steel mesh:  SS304 / 40 microns