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Best tankless instant geyser - Vital Facts

VORDOSCH, best tankless instant geyser is a hygienic and energy efficient water heating solution.

According to German water regulations, water stored in storage water heaters creates Legionella bacteria which leads to serious health hazards. Storage water heaters require large volumes of water to be constantly heated for the purpose of thermal disinfection. Needless to say, it consumes extra electricity unnecessarily, particularly when the required usage is low. Further, long piping network and huge space requirement are the biggest drawbacks of centralized storage water heaters.

Our Best tankless instant geyser is compact and installed right at the point of use that heats the water to the required temperature instantly. Within a few seconds, constant flow of hot water is at your disposal, giving no room to Legionella bacteria to multiply.

Best Instant Geyser in India

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Best tankless instant geyser, also called online water heaters provide hot water only when required. They don’t produce the standby energy losses as in case with storage water heaters, thus helps save you tons of money.
The tankless instant water heaters and electric hot water geyser are gaining in popularity, and for good reasons like compact design, energy efficiency and budget friendliness. Tankless water heaters have advantages over traditional ones.
In simple terms, when installed these, your hot shower is not cramped by your low capacitated traditional water heaters!

Vordosch – Best tankless instant geyser assures:

  • Instant flow of hot water
  • Continuous temperature of hot water
  • Unlimited flow of hot water

Advantages of using Vordosch, best tankless instant geyser:

  • Longevity – Tankless instant water heaters have an extended service life than traditional water heaters
  • Compact Design – Less space is occupied for tankless water heaters. Best tankless instant geyser can be mounted on a wall or even can be installed outside. Their small compact size allows you to easily implant them in your bathroom / kitchen
  • Infinite Supply of hot water – The time of your shower will no longer be determined by the limited capacity of traditional storage water tanks.
  • Peace of Mind – Because it is a tankless instant water heater, you won’t have to worry about the common issue of leakage which is usually experienced in traditional heaters.
  • Safety- Another field in which our Best tankless instant geyser ranks highest is safety. It is due to the fact that they only operate when hot water is in need. This really is unlike the storage type units which are mostly switched on all the time hence risk of shock and electric blast.

Features of VORDOSCH tankless instant water heater

Our Best tankless instant geyser saves up to 40% of electricity and is ideal for bathtubs, shower panels, rain showers, body jets, sinks, jacuzzi etc. They ensure instant, continuous & unlimited flow of hot water even at low (minimum pressure .5 bar) or high pressures.

For the convenience of installation, Vordosch has option of back & bottom inlet/outlet. Depending on inlet temperature, microprocessor automatically decides minimum or maximum operating kw in tankless instant water heater, thus resulting in substantial power saving.

Water resistant design, high resistant heating element, Electronically Controlled System seismic proof, voltage fluctuation resistant, Best tankless instant geyser are Suitable for hard water, sleek and modern design. Vordosch water distributors has 24-month warranty with the option of installing vertically, horizontally & ceiling mounted (except model no: VD 36)

Our Range of Products
Vordosch tankless instant water heaters are available in 2 variations: Phase I & Phase III:

Why is VORDOSCH the perfect fit for buying the best tankless instant geyser?

Now more essential than ever, it is extremely important to pick the Best tankless instant geyser for as per your necessity. You are no longer stuck to a one-size-fits-all situation that may not completely meet your demand or that may not be as structured as you’d like. When you educate yourself regarding buying high quality tankless instant water heaters and size as per your preference, you can enjoy the most power saving water heater which won’t be overpriced or receive a product that under-delivers.

Water heaters are one of the most basic and needed appliances in every household, because everyone likes to enjoy a hot water bath during winter seasons or to soak in warm water after a long tiring day. Purchasing the best and most efficient electric hot water geyser depends on a lot of factors like Company’s reputation, Energy Efficiency, Health & Safety, usage of water, after Sales Service facility etc. With the highest quality of German engineering, Vordosch, the best tankless instant geyser checks all the required criteria to give you the best experience.

1 Phase Water Heater

Our range of single phase instantaneous hot water heaters is specifically designed for one phase electrical supply. The small dimensions allow flexible installation even in the constricted spaces & It heats the water very quickly at output of water source. It works equally well even for hard water.

Available in 4 Variants:


VD 5.5-9

VD 7.5

VD 12

3 Phase Water Heater

For Higher usage of water, the variants of 3 phase units are very energy-efficient, compact & extremely easy to install which insures instant continuous & unlimited flow of hot water

Available in 4 Variants:

VD 9-15

VD 18-24

VD 27

VD 36

Features - Vordosch, best tankless instant geyser

Instant , continuous & unlimited flow of hot water even at high pressure

Ideal for: Bath Tubs, Shower Panels, Rain Showers, Body Jets

Saves up to 40% energy

Shock Proof

Option of back & bottom inlet/outlet offered only by VORDOSCH

Microprocessor decides minimum or maximum operating kw depending on inlet temperature. Thus, resulting in substantial power saving.

Works even with low water pressure (minimum working pressure.5 bar)

Precise Temperature settings using dial Knob (Allows to set the heater on full power or economic mode)

Compact Size

Electronically Controlled System ensures stability and modulation of water temperature from 30º to 60º C

Water resistant design

High resistant heating element

Seismic proof construction

Impact resistant in case of voltage fluctuation

Anti-air & dry run protection

Suitable for hard water

Desired temperature precisely delivered

Water flow sensor

Sleek and modern design

24 months warranty

Option of installing vertically, horizontally & ceiling mounted. (except model no: VD 36)

Which one is right for me?

If you require further information regarding tankless instant water heater and which one is right fit for your usage, you can easily download our brochure from the website.
If you are still unsure which electric hot water geyser is suitable for your application requirements, please fill out the enquiry form and our team of trained professionals will get back to you at the earliest.

Dealers & Distributors

Vordosch is Germany based leading brand of best tankless instant geyser offering simple and inexpensive way to install hot water solution. Our trusted network of dealers & distributors cater to our esteemed clients which include Architects, Builders & others connected with the industry.

We have thousands of satisfied customers’ with Vordosch tankless water heaters in Mumbai & various other major cities of India & are further expanding our sales & distribution network with time.

We strive to meet and exceed our client’s expectation by helping them choose from the range of products we offer. We have an experienced technical team which ensures technical assistance right from selecting the right product to installation.

Vordosch, best tankless instant geyser products available with all the major dealers in India.

For dealership enquires as well your nearest Vordoch dealers, please fill the enquiry form and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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